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A little bit about me, my passions, and how I ended up here.

So, you may have stumbled upon my page randomly or maybe someone told you to come check it out, but either way, I am SO glad you are here! If it’s alright with you, I wanted to take a quick minute to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me! 

My name is Ashley Smith. I am a retired middle/high school Spanish teacher, wife to an incredibly hard-working and supportive man, and mommy to three precious children that keep me all kinds of busy! Hands full, right?!

From the time I was a little girl, I decided I wanted to be a teacher -- it just seemed like the natural career path to take. So that’s what I did. I’ve always had a deep desire to live a life of purpose and feel passionate about what I was doing, and for years that was investing in the lives of children through teaching.

After a few years of teaching, I began to feel unfulfilled. I felt a tug at my heart to do MORE, something different. I wanted to put my passion to help people into action; I just didn’t quite know where to start. I was overwhelmed working long hours, feeling unappreciated, and a little lost in my life trying to figure out what else I could do. It was affecting every part of who I was, my marriage, and my overall quality of life. Not to mention, I wanted to be able to stay at home with our future children, and the current job I had was not going to allow for that but I had no idea what my avenue to change that would be. 

I prayed for months and asked God to provide me with a clear vision for my life. A next step that would ignite the passion I once had and allow me to express creativity and love for others. Little did I know that the choice I would soon make would literally CHANGE my life both inside and out! 

Since the day I decided to trust Him and leave my job in education, I have gone from being a teacher who was losing her passion to a successful Top health and wellness coach with a company that helped me take control of not only my health, fitness, and happiness... but also helped me find my confidence, freedom, and PASSION, as well as a platform to share my story and help others to change THEIR lives for the better! On top of that, it also led me to being able to start a women's apparel line, The Be. Brand that has provided jobs to incredible women and helped empower MORE women on a grander scale. It's completely humbling and overwhelming how much I love it! My hubby left his corporate job this year to run the whole shebang with me alongside our awesome team of managers!

Today, 6 years later (and three kiddos later), I spend my time working from home, connecting with new people, and investing in amazing relationships with the people I work with in both businesses of mine -- all while not missing a moment with my sweet munchkins who are my world. Exactly what I have always dreamt of -- living out my passions, but not sacrificing time with my family! I never knew it was possible to seriously LOVE LIFE and LOVE your work too! Who knew?!

It is my greatest hope to not only help women SEE their potential, but LIVE IT freely. I believe that every woman deserves to LIVE a happy, FULFILLED life full of joy, passion, FREEDOM, and belief in herself!


I ran around for too many years discounting myself and speaking lies to my heart that I was not good enough, smart enough, creative enough, to do anything other than what I got a degree in college for. Well BUMP THAT! Because this mama decided to make a change and find the real truth of what LIVING really means! My greatest reward in all that I do daily is seeing MORE women FINALLY believing in themselves for the first time. It's simply, beautiful.


God has provided some insane avenues over the last few years of becoming what I like to call a "mompreneur" to meet incredible people, experience new places, get outside of my comfort zone, teach others what I know, help women get amazing results in their own fitness journeys, help bring some of my own coaches home to full-time incomes as mompreneurs as well, and just have a hand in inspiring women all over the world to living happier and healthier lives.

Maybe you'll relate to some of my story and maybe you'll relate to none of it. But either way, I am here to share my journey as raw and real with you as I can and I am honored that you are here to listen!


I am nobody special; nobody different than you. Just a hot mess mama express. A teacher turned "Mompreneur" because she decided she was fed up with living uninspired, sorry for herself, and letting everyone else define who and what she should be; and knew it was time to do something about it.


A few fun facts about me?


1. Jesus is my rock. Without Him, I am nothing.

2. My hubby and I got engaged after 10 weeks of dating and knowing each other.

3. I am obsessed with coffee and chocolate sprinkle donuts.

4. I founded and am the CEO of an online women's apparel boutique: The Be. Brand ( Check us out!

5. If I don't have to get ready, dry shampoo and "athleisure" clothes it is.

6. I love reading personal development books but really suck at finishing them completely. (aka i have a stack of 20 half-finished books sitting on my bookshelf for that special day.)

7. Favorite food? Close tie between street tacos and goood pizza. Oh and donuts; always donuts.

8. I could go to Target every day of the week just to "walk around". I feel like any good basic gal gets me on this! #canigetanamen

9. I pretty much only wear simple gold hoop earrings and my wedding rings as jewelry every day. #simplesally

10. I peed my pants on the way to the finish line when trying out for the cheerleading squad in high school. Yes, I made it. And yes, I just kept running straight past the finish and into the bathroom. #embarassing

Okay girlfriends, if you've read this far; bless you! Let me leave you with this --


Be confident. Be passionate. Be joyful. YOU are so so IMPORTANT and fearfully and wonderfully made. Perfectly imperfect and that is the absolute most PERFECT you'll ever need to be. I hope you know that. I can't wait to be friends! Thanks for being here!