• Ashley Smith

Homemade Goodness for Cold & Flu Season

It’s about to be that time of year again.

The kids are back in school and it is cold and flu season everywhere you look.

One of my personal favorite things growing up was a hot cup of soup when I was feeling under the weather. Back then, it was good ‘ol Campbell’s Chicken Noodle, but now as I have my own family, I have learned to make a few of my old favorites a little bit healthier.

Looking to make you sick kiddos something to eat when they are sick? Try out this recipe. It is quick, easy, AND healthy on their little tummies.

My whole family will eat off a double batch of this for a week!


What is your favorite soup when you’re feeling under the weather?

Have a large family or want to have leftovers? I would definitely DOUBLE this recipe! That way you have plenty to go around.

See you next time!

XOXO, Ashley

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