• Ashley Smith

Simple Prep For A Week Ahead

How do you plan to stay on track for the week? I have super BUSY weeks away from the house for long hours, so it helps to have healthy snacks and lunches prepared ahead of time.

This afternoon, I cut up a ton of raw veggies – to be paired with guacamole or hummus, made a homemade nut and berry trail mix, and tried out a new gluten free pasta salad for lunches.

Recipes for all below!


Fruit & Nut Trail Mix:

– dried mangos – dried cranberries – dried pineapple – walnuts chopped – raw almonds – toasted coconut shavings

Grab a handful of each and mix together in a bowl. It made enough for a heaping 1/4 cup for 5 pre-prepped baggies.

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